Joanne Lang - AboutOne Founder

Joanne Lang, AboutOne Founder


The Problem

Imagine yourself in the back of an ambulance with your 4-year-old son, terrified and scrambling for a list of his allergies and current medications. The paramedics need the information to help him, but you can’t remember it all.

Because you dropped everything and ran with only your car keys and cell phone.

What then?

This is exactly the scenario that Joanne Lang experienced in 2008.

Joanne’s home was organized. Everything was in its place, filed away, out of sight. But when she needed the information – really, truly needed it during a life-threatening emergency – her organization flew right out the window.

The information wasn’t where she needed it, when she needed it.

Around the same time, Joanne and her husband sold their home. They felt like they’d kept great records, but when the time came to report home improvements (to lower their tax bill), they couldn’t find the receipts. She and her husband had to pay considerably more in capital gains taxes because the information wasn’t where they needed it, when they needed it.

The Idea

A software company executive, Joanne specialized in helping businesses use cloud computing to make their operations more efficient and more organized. She helped them transfer information between employees, between offices, and even across the globe using secure, cloud-based platforms, and she realized that the same technology could work for families just like hers.

It could put their information into their fingertips, whether they were at home or on-the-go. Their important information would always be where they needed it, when they needed it.

The Technology

Joanne’s idea turned into AboutOne Family Organizer, patent pending technology that merges the power of cloud-based business tools with the fun, user-friendly features of social media apps.

The Solution

AboutOne Family Organizer guides you through the process of organizing and proactively managing the information you need now – and will need in the future – to take care of your family and home and preserve your most precious memories.

  • Contacts
  • Photos, videos, and memories
  • Documents and paperwork
  • Home inventory
  • Personal health records
  • School records, awards, and accomplishments
  • Volunteering and community service

Everything you enter into your AboutOne Family Organizer is private and secure, but can be shared by email with anyone you choose at any time. Your son’s soccer coach has to take him to the hospital for stitches? Use AboutOne Family Organizer to privately share your son’s insurance card, a brief health history, and a signed permission to treat form.

Your information is always where you need it, when you need it.

AboutOne FamilyOrganizer has brought peace of mind to thousands of families. They are prepared for anything. Their photos and kids’ artwork are secure even if their computers crash. Their health records, insurance policies, warranties, and emergency contacts are available at the touch of a button.

Their information is available where they need it, when they need it.

Is yours?

The Name

Families who think they’re organized often find their information is strewn all over the house – files in a filing cabinet, a few stuffed envelopes in a drawer, receipts in the hall closet – but with AboutOne FamilyOrganizer, you have ONE place to keep and manage it all.

One family, one tool, one login – available where you need it, when you need it.

The Squirrel

When Joanne began to merge business-based cloud computing with the needs of families, she used the analogy of a squirrel who thoughtfully selected and stored acorns for its future.

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