AboutOne Family Organizer is powered by a smart cloud platform using the same technologies and practices that banks and other financial institutions use to protect customer information. This includes encryption, auditing, logging, back-ups, and safeguarding data, and our security practices are monitored and verified by VeriSign and McAfee.

We are 100 percent committed to the responsibility and privilege of protecting your identity and household information. That commitment is our first priority, which is why we employ bank-level security standards. These are some of the technologies and practices we’ve implemented to protect your identity and household information:

Data Center Security

  • We use a state-of-the-art data center with firewalls, redundant hardware, redundant power sources, redundant battery backups, redundant cooling and redundant cabling, and video surveillance.
  • When staff must access the data center they must pass through no less than three doors that can only be unlocked with a key card/password AND biometric authentication (fingerprint or retina scanning).
  • Facilities are nondescript and have no published address.
  • The Data Centers are built away from other buildings and are surrounded by military-grade perimeter control beams in addition to other natural boundary protection.

Server Security

  • VeriSign 2048-bit SSL encryption makes your data impossible to read by anyone but you.
  • McAfee SECURE continuously tests AboutOne’s security with the latest hacker tools and techniques.

Data Security

  • Your information is backed up regularly, and these backups are encrypted.
  • Your login details are encrypted so no one is ever able to read your password.
  • We have taken strict precautions to make sure that even AboutOne employees don’t have access to your information. We also never share anything you enter with anyone unless you authorize it.

For additional information on customer privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

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