best online personal organizer - AboutOneYou manage a very busy life: housework, schedule, friends, work, doctor’s appointments, bills, gifts.
You need the very best online personal organizer available.

Wouldn’t it be great if that personal organizer was online, so you could access it from any Web-enabled device?

Your personal assistant

AboutOne’s online personal organizer stores receipts, paperwork, photos, videos, memories, and notes so this information is organized and available whenever you need it.

Add relevant files as you create each entry. Label and link the entry to family members and other contacts so you can quickly find it all later, when you need it.

Best of all, you can access your AboutOne account from home or on-the-go with one of our many mobile apps. With instant access to your information and automatic email alerts, you’ll never misplace an important piece of paper again.

Do it all. Better.

Think of all the things you do in a day:

  • Document memories with photos and videos.
  • Call a friend, a repairman, or get a quote for services.
  • Go to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Volunteer at your church.
  • Manage medications and allergies.
  • Track receipts for your taxes.

AboutOne helps you to do each of these things in a way that’s fun, fast, and easy.

Peace of mind

AboutOne does more than organize your everyday details. You can also scan in your most important documents:

  • Marriage license.
  • Passports.
  • Birth certificates, social security cards, and drivers licenses.
  • Credit card account numbers and company contact information.
  • Bank account numbers.
  • Tax returns.
  • Property deeds.

It’s all safe and secure and backed up for your protection.

Get AboutOne Family Organizer

AboutOne gives you a secure place to organize and connect family – your smart, powerful solution for managing memories and household information.