At AboutOne, we take a lot of pride in listening to our customers, and what we’ve been hearing is that most of you want an app that makes your Google calendars more useful for managing family life. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that the first version of the new Family Calendar powered by... Read More

8 Secrets to Success

One of the first and most important secrets to success is MAKING CONNECTIONS. No one teaches you this in school, but networking is critical because success can come from just one connection that believes in you, invests in you, or buys your product. I don’t enjoy traditional networking meetings where you have to approach complete... Read More

Last week, the Google Security Team announced the discovery of POODLE, a critical flaw in web-encryption technology that could allow hackers to access confidential information like passwords and other encrypted information sent over web connections. We asked Nathan Bayles, AboutOne’s Chief Technology Officer, to address any concerns our users might have, specifically as they pertain... Read More

Benefits of Networking

I’ve always believed that it’s important to have a network of people I can count on, both in my personal and professional lives. This has become even more important to me since becoming an entrepreneur; having a support network can be the difference between feeling like you’re out there on your own and feeling like... Read More

Persistence Pays Off

Because I’m a first-time entrepreneur, I’m always interested in learning from other, more experienced entrepreneurs. I follow several blogs that provide great tips and lessons-learned, but two of my favorites are written by Amy Rees Anderson and Barbara Corcoran. Being CEO can be lonely, so I especially like reading posts from these two women because... Read More

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