AboutOne is proud to be a company that offers flexible working arrangements as well as a Comeback Mom program. This post is from Amy Metherell who works in our customer service department. We asked Amy to share about why opting out for the kids works for her. I had worked in the corporate office environment for... Read More

I am often asked to explain AboutOne’s platform. Here’s a quick summary. Facebook’s social-networking cloud platform allows users to communicate with friends. LinkedIn’s business-networking cloud platform allows users to share content and communicate with work colleagues. Both platforms allow third party developers and corporations to create their own applications and services. AboutOne fills the gap... Read More

AboutOne is proud to be a company that offers a returnship program called Comeback Moms. This post is from Dresden Shumaker who works in our digital marketing department. We asked Dresden to share about why the Comeback Mom program worked for so well her. When my son was ready to start preschool I was very... Read More

As our personal and work lives are becoming more and more intertwined, the importance of a family friendly workplace cannot be overemphasized. Many women (myself included) grapple daily with thoughts about staying home full-time with their children. Now that my youngest is in pre-school, I worry that this is my last chance. For many reasons, mostly... Read More

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