(REGION’S BUSINESS ARTICLE) One of the more challenging aspects of being in a startup is finding creative networking solutions. Some people struggle with networking and meeting people within their same industry while others are looking for a way to connect with people outside of their bubble. In my most recent post for Region’s Business I... Read More

(SYNDICATED ON HUFFINGTON POST) According to Dr. Stephen Covey, learning to communicate effectively is the most important life skill. In my experience, this skill is critical to good decision-making, whether you’re a CEO, investor, mentor, partner, or an employee. At AboutOne, we run a daily stand-up meeting and I send a weekly newsletter in which... Read More

(REGION’S BUSINESS ARTICLE) I recently spent the morning at Walnut St. Labs, an innovation lab in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania. The lab offers co-working space and weekly events, as well as an early stage startup incubator. My session there (watch the video here) was a great experience. I was very impressed with their efforts to... Read More

I am often asked to explain AboutOne’s platform. Here’s a quick summary. Facebook’s social-networking cloud platform allows users to communicate with friends. LinkedIn’s business-networking cloud platform allows users to share content and communicate with work colleagues. Both platforms allow third party developers and corporations to create their own applications and services. AboutOne fills the gap... Read More

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