We’re changing the way you engage with customers, employees, or members with the first digital engagement cloud platform

AboutOne offers the only pre-built cloud platform around household, health, wellness and pet information.

AboutOne BuildTM

Let AboutOne’s engagement platform do the backend work for you and reduce the time and resources to build any kind of household, pet, or health and wellness apps.

40%-60% of app costs are associated with backend development. Because our backend is already finished, compliant and infinitely scalable, we let you focus on high-value creativity and not infrastructure.

Co-Branding pre-built apps gives you a quick mobile presence. It’s more than a template, it’s a functional working app that supports one-on-one sharing and communication of information and documents with your customers.

AboutOne SuggestTM

Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another.

AboutOne uses natural programming language to “Suggest” to your customers, employees or members what they should consider – before they think of it themselves. This patented set of algorithms helps you engage customers with friendly reminders.

Suggestions are a non-intrusive way to have one-on-one communication with your customer at the right time in their life. More connected customers sets the foundation for more valuable relationships.

AboutOne PredictTM

Information is an asset that your company can use to make better decisions

Speed is critical to using data as a competitive differentiator and AboutOne Predict pushes the right information to you without the delay of typical enterprise data warehouses.

Rapidly analyze and predict future engagement patterns. AboutOne Predict quickly scans data, learns from it, and delivers data-driven guidance and actions / to dos for the future.

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Get AboutOne Family Organizer

AboutOne gives you a secure place to organize and connect family – your smart, powerful solution for managing memories and household information.