Getting (and Staying) Organized in Divorce

Getting (and Staying) Organized in Divorce 
While it may be very easy to get a divorce these days, divorce itself is tough.  Really tough.

Part of what makes it so difficult is that you now have to divide everything you once owned together and if you have children you have to continue to communicate and co-parent with a person with whom you may have a bad history.

If you do it right, however, you can reduce the chaos and frustration that can go along with divorce, which will in turn reduce the stress involved.


Getting Organized for Divorce


During the process of divorce, you need to provide tons of paperwork to prove your income, expenses, etc.  If you have a divorce looming, or you think it might be a possibility, why not scan and email all of your financial records to your AboutOne inbox?  This way you can attach them to appropriate entries in your Address Book and label these entries ‘Divorce’.  For example, your bank statements can be attached to an Address Book entry for each bank.  Add the ‘Divorce’ label to make it a snap to access.


The dividing of the possessions is a grueling process to say the least.  Enter all possessions into the Possessions area of AboutOne and add information such as owner, price, where bought, etc.  Attach a photo and any documentation as well. This way, there is always a record of who owns what and how much it’s worth.  This should make dividing those belongings pretty simple.


Staying Organized After the Divorce


It’s hard enough for you to go through a divorce, but even harder when there are kids involved.  There are a multitude of things to consider such as health conditions, allergies, possible doctor and insurance changes, school activities, etc. to keep track of.  When you and your spouse are living together, these things are easy.  However, now that you’re living in separate households, keeping track of the kids’ information can be tough.

An easy way to communicate information between spouses is through AboutOne.  Enter all doctor information, appointments, allergies, medications, conditions, and insurance information in the Health area.  Then enter all school activities and other information in the Education area.  Our Printable Reports make it easy to print selected information and share it with your ex.

And don’t forget about updating ex in-laws about what’s been going on in your children’s lives.  Include them when sending out your Family Newsletter to keep them in the loop.

What’s more, in the next release due out early next year, you will be able to share selected information (including a calendar) with selected individuals, reducing the need for printing.


In the same fashion as kids, enter your pets as family members and keep track of their vet visits, medications, etc.  Print Caregiver Reports and Health History for an ex spouse to have all the information he/she needs.


Divorce is a complicated matter, but it doesn’t have to be completely chaotic and disorganized.  AboutOne can help you stay organized and keep the lines of communication open in the midst of a divorce.

What are your tips for getting and staying organized in divorce?

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