Staycations are no longer an unusual occurrence.  People are doing what they can to save money, but at the same time, have fun too.  With prices going up just about everywhere and paychecks staying the same, it may seem disheartening.  But there is so much you can do in your own backyard!  Literally and figuratively.  Here... Read More

There is a little bend along the river where artists like to set up their easels. I drive by, pausing to glance at them and the view they paint. Each one sees the view differently than me. Each of us interprets it differently. Sometimes, I think of how wonderful it would be to pull over... Read More

Once the school year begins, things change.  There are positives and negatives to the transition we all experience as the summer winds down.  We gain structure, but lose the carefree nature we’ve enjoyed since June.  Our days have more direction, but we are pressed for time as activities return.  The newness of back-to-school time brings... Read More

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