AboutOne gives you a secure place to organize and connect family – your smart, powerful solution for managing memories and household information.

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One safe place to manage the information you need to take care of your family and home.

What our customers are saying

  • “AboutOne is a great tool for busy moms who want to stay organized but don’t want to be a slave to a filing cabinet.”
    Susan N.

  • “The great thing about AboutOne.com is that it is completely user-friendly and probably one of the easiest sites I have ever used. Not only is it easy, but it is A LOT of fun too!”
    Anne Y.

  • “For a busy mom, or busy human in general, this is a priceless tool to stay organized and keep everything that is important together in one always-accessible place.”
    Andrea D.

  • “I truly wish something like this had existed 14 years ago when Marty was born. I suck at writing down all the milestones in a book, but I totally ROCK at keeping things updated online.”
    Kristin C.

  • “I’m an organized guy, and I already keep track of all my family’s information on several spreadsheets, copies of which I keep on multiple computers for ready access. But after using AboutOne, I’m convinced that this is the better way to go. With AboutOne, I can now store all our information in one central location, which I can get at any time I want, no matter where I am, and I don’t have to worry about data loss.”

    – Stan